2011 Ford Mustang GT

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First things first. With a bore of 92.2mm and a stroke of 92.7mm, the high-tech DOHC 32-valve engine under the hood of the 2011 Ford Mustang GT making its debut at the 2010 Detroit show displaces 4951cc. That figure legitimately rounds to 5.0 liters, unlike the 4942cc displacement of its pushrod predecessor. That overgenerous rounding […]

Structured Settlement

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Millions of Americans are injured in accidents each year ? often the injured opt for compensation through a structured settlement. This type of settlement provides a stream of payments over many years. While this option works well for some, many people find that they need larger sums of cash in the near term to pay […]

Special Finance Auto Leads

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Welcome to Special Finance Auto Leads, the internets best source for auto finance lead generation! Join Our Preferred Dealership Network! Special Finance Auto Leads Offers The Most Flexible Subprime Finance Lead Generation Program Online! * Target Real Auto Loan Customers * Choose Your Mileage Radius * Set Your Lead Limit * NO Monthly Service Fee […]

2011 Jaguar XKR Special Edition, Black Pack, and Speed Pack

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The Geneva show is basically a place for all the beautiful cars of the world to gather together, with everything else simply serving as filler. Perhaps concerned that its most beautiful model, the XK, might get lost among the newer, more exotic metal, Jaguar will be introducing a few new ways to spice up the […]

2010 Geneva Show: Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept by Stile Bertone

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Alfa Romeo commissioned three styling houses–Giugiaro, Pininfarina, and Bertone–to come up with design proposals for the next generation of 159 family vehicles. The first of those three, Bertone’s Pandion concept, slipped out early and it is, at the very least, very interesting. The front end, while definitely designed to be an Alfa, looks vaguely like […]

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

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La Pista di Fiorano, Ferrari?s private test track, is two giant hooked paper clips wedged between a porcelain tile factory that belches white smoke and a scruffy apartment block whose tenants, we learn from an exasperated Ferrari spokesman, are always bitching about the noise. Noise? Describing a Ferrari in full scream as ?noise? is probably […]

2011 Jaguar XKR Special Edition

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Jaguar will unveil the latest dramatic evolution of its supercharged XKR coupe at the Geneva Motor Show in March. This XKR delivers a significantly raised maximum speed ? up to 174mph from 155mph?? and bold styling changes that create an evocative and unique supercharged Jaguar. The XKR Coupe unveiled at Geneva showcases two new optional […]

2010 Audi A5 2.0T Quattro Cabriolet – Short Take Road Test

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Audi has made a religion of going its own way in the ongoing battle for parity in the German luxury-sports realm, and the A5 Cabriolet is yet another proof. What?s different? Check that folding top. It?s cloth, an increasingly rare material in the world of contemporary convertibles. Most cars in this class have graduated to […]

97 Reasons to Quit Smoking

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1. You won’t have to pay more and more and more and more each year. Yup, taxes will almost certainly continue to go up. New Jersey, Vermont, and Connecticut are among the states leaning harder on smokers for revenue, but even some tobacco-growing states are beginning to milk the coffin-nail cash cow. Lawmakers’ reasoning: There […]

57 Million Americans Sickened by H1N1 Flu: CDC

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FRIDAY, Feb. 12 (HealthDay News) ? With the H1N1 swine flu pandemic apparently winding down, federal health officials said Friday that about 57 million Americans have suffered through the illness since last April, and the total could range as high as 84 million. In addition, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates […]

Samsung S8500 Wave

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Enter a new platform. With a boom. With a bang. A Bada kind of bang. Another of the big guns wants to play by their own rules. Samsung?s second spot in global market share was hard fought but it will be a while before they as much as wish the same for the Bada. They?ve […]

Samsung Wave Makes a Splash at Mobile World Congress

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When Samsung announced that it was developing its own mobile operating system, one question came to mind: Do we really need another mobile OS? Whether we do or not, Samsung’s Bada OS has made its debut at Mobile World Congress on the new Samsung Wave handset. While I’m not yet sold on the software, the […]

Happy Lunar New Year 2010! February 14, 2010 – Year of the Tiger

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Planning a Celebration? Sequence of the Tet Celebration Do it right. Here’s a step-by-step sequence of the Tet Celebration Preparation.During the week before Tet, some families visit the graves of parents and grandparents. Fresh earth is placed on top, weeds removed from around it and incense is burnt to invoke the souls of the dead […]

Faxless payday loans: Faxing is not required

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Faxless pay day loans do not require any documents to be faxed. It means that these loans do exist online. The online service is very fast and instant and no information of the borrower will be disclosed at any cost. This service is safe and secure. In previous times, there used to be fax machines […]

How To Protect Your Credit Against Fraud & ID Theft

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Copyright (c) 2009 Suzy Vanstrusen Consumers are constantly reminded to keep on guard against identity theft and fraud. If you suspect identity theft, you can place your report on fraud alert. This way, when someone tries to open an account under your name, creditors who may inquire about your report will see the alert and […]

How to Use the Google Finance Search Tools

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Stocks and the stock market is a fast-paced world to keep up with. In order to stay ahead of the game, you?ve got to be organized, aware of what?s going on, and have easy access to the latest financial news. The Internet has quickly become the number on means of getting and sharing information immediately. […]

Chief Finance Officer Job Description

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Historically, however, over half of all owners of business personal property have not rendered. The Texas law was unusual in that while rendition was mandatory, there was no penalty for not rendering. Therefore, many property owners did not render because it was not material, was not convenient or would dramatically increase their tax liability. For […]

Could this be the end of free banking?

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Banks could be changing the way in which accounts operate, as high street banks have been put under pressure in the way they issue charges to customers for breaking terms, such as exceeding agreed overdrafts. This will mean that they will have to explore new avenues for raising revenue, which is likely to lead to […]

Finally Best teen driver insurance Rates I Can Get

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Looking for a cheap and affordable teen driver insurance can be very difficult.It was very hard for me to find an affordable car insurance that I can be happy with. I had looked just about everywhere I possibly can to get the best rates possible. I even tried going through my Yellow Pages phonebook to […]

2009 BMW M3

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“After a rainstorm, when the skies cleared, I took a brisk drive through the mountains,” notes assistant Web producer Carlos Lago. “With one light illuminated on the power button, two on the EDC, the M3 becomes keener; its visceral side begins to show. The M3 retains the smoothness and tractability, but ups the sensation of […]